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How to Buy and Pay:

To receive our products directly to your home, you can choose from the following payment systems and delivery:

- By bank transfer - with Mark - charging PostePay-Reload Lottomaticard at each receiver Lotto-Payment via Paypal account, if you hold serve only require the type of payment via email and will send the request.


Send as:


------ For shipping tramitaRaccomandata 1:

Prime Scaglione up to 250 g € 6.00 Racc.1 Racc.1 with Proof of Delivery € 9.00 € 12.00 with Mark

Standard-Second installment of more than 250 g 1 kg Coll Racc.1 with a € 9.00 € 12.00 Proof of Delivery Racc.1 countersign € 15.00

Third-echelon over 1 kg to 2 kg Racc1 Racc.1 € 12.00 € 15.00 with proof of delivery with Mark Racc.1 € 18.00

-For parcels weighing over 2 kg rates apply Paccocelere 3 with rates to be applied when shipped and depending on weight / objects / i.

Please kindly include in comments the order type of finish any of the objects (color, finish, material etc.). And the payment method with which to understand the pay order.

For orders over € 150.00 Free Shipping!
Subsequent requests:

For information, please call ..... email

Some products are not displayed even if disponiblili but must be ordered.

Sara 'care experience of our schedules.